UBC Women’s Conference to give Women Carpenters a Voice in 2010

Women’s Conference to Celebrate ‘Breaking New Ground’. All female UBC members are invited to the 2010 Sisters in the Brotherhood conference, June 17 – 20, at the International Training Center in Las Vegas. www.UBCsisters.org


PR Log (Press Release) – Mar 09, 2010 – Members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters are gathering at the International Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada June 17 – 20, 2010. All women carpenters are urged to request sponsorship from their local unions to attend. The last day to register is April 30, 2010.

This conference is a siren call for women to get more involved in their local union. Conference workshops will include strategies to increase women’s voices in local and national politics. It will be the third conference for women carpenters organized by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, in effort to organize, educate, and provide Union Leadership Workshops to Sister Members. It is critical that women carpenters attend to have an impact on the future of women in the union, and to put forth recommendations to the United Brotherhood of Carpenters International Convention scheduled for later this year.


To contact the International UBC Women’s Steering Committee, visit http://ubcsisters.org/contact/

Link to Sisters In The Brotherhood websites from www.sistersinthebrotherhood.info

Sisters In The Brotherhood is an intergral part of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. UBCsisters.org is the official website for the UBC Women’s Conference. sistersinthebrotherhood.ning.com is the Professional Network for women members, www.sistersinthebrotherhood.com is the website for SIB fundraising, charity, and volunteer activities.


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NYCDCC Women’s Committee, NYC Chapter of SIB, launches their new website

www.unionwomencarpenters.comThe New York City District Council of Carpenters Women’s Committee is New York‘s chapter of the international “Sisters in the Brotherhood.” The Women’s Committee meets on a quarterly basis to promote a network of active sisters within the Union.

The NYCDCC Women’s Committee is an integral part of the NYCDCC, providing a forum for women in the New York carpenters union to share, support and learn from each other’s experiences, to use that knowledge to promote growth on both personal and professional levels and to become more actively involved at all levels.

The NYCDCC Women’s Committee are the trail blazers. Early on, during the formation of Sisters In The Brotherhood in 2002, by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, NYCDCC Women’s Committee helped to form the SIB mission statement, leadership structure, objectives, and activities, that are used as a model for Women’s Committees throughout the UBC.

The newly launched website, is a comprehensive showcase of the directives of the NYCDCC Women’s Committee. Sisters In The Brotherhood takes pride in the accomplishments of our sisters throughout the UBC, and are happy to share our accomplishments with the nation!

Visit the Women’s Committee of the NYC District Council of Carpenters website:

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2009 UBC Sisters In The Brotherhood Calender

SIB calender-cover-2009
Sisters In The Brotherhood gives a raw inside look into the lives of tradeswomen of the United Brotherhood Of Carpenters, in the recent release of their 2009 Calender. Over 26 photos representing tens of tradeswomen throughout the UBC, are generated from member’s personal photos. A revealing insight into a day in the life of a tradeswoman, puts an original spin on this collectible piece of Americana.

Photos are a compilation of UBC tradeswomen on the job, and at play. Who better to give an accurate image of women carpenters, than women carpenters?

2009 UBC Sisters In The Brotherhood Calender
by SistersInTheBrotherhood.ning.com
22pages $15.00 http://www.lulu.com/content/5226719


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Social Media and Sisters In The Brotherhood, together at last!

Sisters In The Brotherhood have joined the world of social media

Moving forward. Sister members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters have teamed up around the U.S. and Canada, to reach more tradeswomen on the internet through SOCIAL MEDIA.
The Chicago Regional Council Of Carpenters will soon revamp it’s SIB website:
The United Brotherhood of Carpenters is continuing it’s recruitment and retention efforts nationwide, and many Regional and District Councils are growing and supporting SIB efforts:
Sisters In The Brotherhood’s Professional and Social Network on NING:
A forum for sister members of the carpenter’s union, skilled women who were trained as union carpenters.
This network is set to realease an online social network MAGAZINE January 2009:

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